Kathy Loveless Marker
Most people can remember me better than I can remember them, due to the fact that I am 6'1" with grey hair plus glasses. I'm the one who struggles with any geography or driving in big cities without my GPS.

I was born in Inglewood, California, but grew up in Buena Park, Calif. My parents divorced and we moved to Burley, Idaho. I graduated there, went to the College of Southern Idaho in Twin Falls for two years (where I met several deaf friends and became interested in teaching them), then changed my majors a few times around getting married and divorced while I was at Idaho State University in Pocatello, Idaho; with 2-3 married years in Boise, Idaho.

My first experience with motherhood was with boy/girl twins. Ten years later, after I had graduated with a dual degree in  Education of the Hearing-Impaired and Special Education, had taught in Utah for a year, and married my second husband Frank, we had a daughter and then a son 20 months after that.

We have two generations of kids; which means the grandkids began to arrive before our youngest had graduated. We love kids!

I'm the person who has a "Say NO" disability; since I've struggled most of my life with agreeing to sign up, or to do favors and volunteer work, for anyone who asks me. I LOVE to help people and to be a resource for them of where they can get things, etc. It makes me feel needed and helpful. I also like to brainstorm ways to make things easier.

That is why I, as a new children's author, am excited to share my first published picture book with you as well as the worksheets that are used with my reading standards and activities resource information: they all help me share with you the true way to stop hiccups, and give teachers or parents something tangible to use in meeting the reading core standards.

I've taught resource classes in the cities of Price (Utah) plus Georgetown & Burley (Idaho) since 1988 for grades K-6, and used different reading programs/types of presentations in small classes. I've been a part of some inclusive classes with my students.

I know that the most frustrating part of trying to meet the standards is that even when the curriculum gives many online or other resources to help meet the goals, there is just not enough time to explore them.

Teachers of resource classes as well as Title I (remedial reading), ESL (English as a Second Language) or the lowest of leveled classes per grade try to meet the standards at grade level, but their students can't keep up with their peers because they are behind in skills.

There are many teachers or parents that teach more than one grade level at a time in a classroom, or they have one or more students that need accommodations in the classroom. Students in Honors or gifted classes need to be challenged to meet higher level standards.

It is hard to find core standards supplements that meet ALL of the standards., and with so many different ability levels of students.

That is why I developed my  Teacher's Guide, Activities, Worksheets & Activities for my storybook: so that teachers and parents can turn to some or all of the resource areas during the year, and know that all of the skills had been covered.

Teachers can also be working on similar skills at different ability levels at the same time.

Never be defined by your past. It was just a lesson,
not a life sentence.