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  1. Stop Those Hiccups!
    Stop Those Hiccups!
    A boy begins to float up in the air when he hiccups, so helpful neighbors give ideas of how to help cure him. A cure that works in real life is tried, which ends the hiccups. The last page has some interesting details about why the strategy in the story works, as well as some fun trivia about hiccups.
  2. K-6 Common Core Reading Standards Activities for "Stop Those Hiccups"
    K-6 Common Core Reading Standards Activities for "Stop Those Hiccups"
    ALL of the Reading Literature and Reading Information Core Standards for K-6 are grouped together by similar standards per grade with: -Accompanying (optional) teacher presentation and ideas for class discussion -Oral explicit/inference questions and answers as each skill is analyzed -Finding quotes, citations, main topic/ideas, summarize, etc. -Discussing the technical information given at the back of the story book about hiccups -Guided steps for even the lower grades to access information online and answer questions (they analyze words and basic anatomy diagrams related to hiccups, or that are related to social studies core standards) -Use their social studies book as a reference to identify outside and inside parts and reference tools -Help students be aware of how authors and illustrators work together to tell a story MANY of the activities can be completed by using this document, but reference is made to the ADDITIONAL "RESOURCES FOR 'STOP THOSE HICCUPS!'" materials (including worksheets per standard and grade level) that are to be completed during the class discussions. (SEE BOOK #4 IN THIS GALLERY for more details of 'THE RESOURCE' materials.)
  3. Taylee's Job
    Taylee's Job
    (This book has not been submitted to a publisher yet; the core standards and activities are being written for it first.) An 11-year old girl wants to get out of their family paper route job and do something else. Through her kindness and service to others (influenced by her Girl Scouts and church youth groups) except toward her pesky brother, she and her friends brainstorm ideas until the perfect job for her is found.
  4. Resources for 'Stop Those Hiccups!'
    Resources for 'Stop Those Hiccups!'
    I wrote these ADDITIONAL 'RESOURCE'' materials to correlate with the BOOK #2 (document) in this Gallery of Books and Resources ("K-6 Common Core Reading Standards Activities for 'Stop Those Hiccups'"). T hey are mostly to compare and contrast, except for the worksheet. These materials will be provided FREE per order of 10+ copies of the picture book 'Stop Those Hiccups!' (email me a copy of the purchase receipt, and I will get them to you via email, adobe doc cloud, etc.) These 'RESOURCE' materials may be shared and duplicated with others in your building. Included in these 'RESOURCE' materials are: -Worksheets per grade level and standard That refer to the Hiccups story -Poem with several examples of figurative language and a mythology name's reference -Reader's theater script of the story -Mock (partial) screenplay of the story -A second version of the Hiccups story (without pictures) using different cultures -Media Comparison Chart to analyze the formats for a story, poem and a script of a play
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About Me
    I have also created supplemental  'Stop Those Hiccups K-6th Teacher's Guide and Activities' plus 'Stop Those Hiccups Worksheets and Resources'  per grade level  of kindergarten through 6th grade that meet the Core Reading Standards to use with this book, since teachers and parents of different grades use short books like this to compare and contrast, etc.

In October 2017 I split up the combined grades K-6 Teacher's Guide (which is great for those who home school) into separate grade level packets that include the Teacher's Guide and Worksheets per grade.

   The 'Worksheets & Resources' include:  worksheets, a  poem &   second version of the story using much figurative language & different cultures,  reader's theater script of the story (plus a chart to compare them) in order to address ALL of the literacy and informational reading standards.
    The combined ' Teacher's Guide' is FREE (via email; shipping fees if mailed), but the 'Worksheets' are sold separately by grade level.

    Thanks for visiting my website! I hope to get to know you,
and how I can help you.
    My name is Kathy (Loveless) Marker. I have been teaching in a special education resource class since 1988 for K-6th grades  (including a deaf boy) in Idaho and Utah.
     I was raised in California, but have lived in Idaho for most of my life, except for 5 years in Price, Utah. My husband and I are both in our second marriage with 8 kids and 19 grandkids.
     Volunteer work has been a big part of my life: positions with my church, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, on the Board of our city's
youth softball league, and more.
     I have written poems since I was a teen, but now I am branching out to write stories for children.

   'Stop Those Hiccups!" is my first published book, with the Rowanvale Publishing Company. This picture book is now on sale through Rowanvale Books or

It describes a few attempts at using wives' tales  to stop a boy's hiccups (because he floats whenever he hiccups), until one is tried that works in real life. Some research information and trivia is included on the last page.